JALF - Rules and conditions

This Web site is intended for informed adults and is in conformance with all regulations in effect. It contains text and photos that are classified X, XX and XXX that may offend certain persons. I certify:

  • that I am of adult age according to the law in effect in my country;
  • that the laws of my state or country authorize me to access this site and that “Jalf.com” has the right to transmit such data to me;
  • that I am aware of the pornographic character of the server that I am accessing;
  • I declare that I am not offended by any type of sexuality and I renounce taking any legal action against the publishing company;
  • I am consulting this server in a personal capacity without involving a private company or public organism in any way. I agree:
  • that I will not reveal the existence of this server and I will not broadcast the content to minors;
  • to use any means necessary to prevent minors from accessing the server;
  • to assume my responsibility, if a minor accesses this server due to negligence on my part: lack of protection of my personal computer, absence of a censoring software, disclosure or loss of my security password;
  • to assume my responsibility if one or several of my present declarations are inaccurate;

In the universe of JALF, all members must respect the rules. Offenders will be immediately expulsed and WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT.

  • be at least 18 years old ;
  • always be polite toward other members;
  • never solicit members for any type of service or product;
  • never solicit members for a prostitution or escort service;
  • never publicize other sites, products, services, escort or prostitution services regardless of the technique used.

In order to give your member profile better visibility, we strongly suggest that you include photos. However, it is forbidden to place photos and images of: bestiality, child pornography, extreme violence, etc. All offenders will be excluded from the site without prior notice.

In case of a breach of these regulations, the administrators of JALF reserve the right to block a user’s access with no prior notice.

JALF and Réalisations TrémaR inc. guarantee in no way the products, services or dates made on the JALF site.

Réalisations TrémaR inc. recommends that you never disclose any personal or private information on the JALF Web site. If you decide to provide personal or private information to another member or if you post it on this site, you do so by liberating Réalisations TrémaR inc. of all responsibility relating to the consequences of your decision.

The administration of Réalisations TrémaR inc. cannot be held responsible for any consequence resulting from a meeting made possible by means of this site.

By placing a personal photo on your profile, you accept that it will be published on the site.

For reasons of security (for example: fraud, aggression, threats, etc.) and proper functioning (example: spamming), the team of Jouer avec le Fantasme reserves the right to view all messages and images sent through the site and to send them to the authorities if necessary.

All the content, that is to say text, fantasies or profiles, public or private, sent to a member in private or placed on a member's profile or sent to the administrators for placement in a public section of the site, belong completely to Réalisations Trémar inc. who can use it for promotional or publication purposes.

It is strictly forbidden to publish your email address, telephone number or Web site address in your member profile, or you could risk expulsion.

Any reproduction of this site, in full or in part, is strictly forbidden.

Finally, if you are a victim of harassment from another member, please inform us as soon as possible at : admin@jalf.com. We want JALF to remain a wonderful site and pleasurable for all.

Privacy protection

We respect your private life.

The administration of Réalisations TrémaR inc. is concerned with protecting your private life. Here are the detailed measures that we take to protect your confidential information. Please be assured that Jalf.com will never divulge any personal information without your consent.

Regarding SPAM

JALF strives to stay free from spam, we do not exchange or sell any email listed on our records and we take the necessary actions to ensure the confidentiality and security of such data.

Refund policy.

Except in the case of certain promotions, the VIP membership renews automatically after the period chosen, so it is your responsibility to cancel it if you do not want it, you can cancel your automatic renewal at any time in the VIP membership section.

For refund requests, they are evaluated case by case.


The administration of Réalisations TrémaR inc. has implemented important security measures to protect your confidential information. Our servers are protected by firewalls. However, since no security mechanism is totally perfect, there is always a risk that personal information can be divulged on our site. The administration of Réalisations TrémaR inc. declines all responsibility in case of any security violation of its system.

What information do you ask me?

In certain circumstances, for example, when you submit personal information or you are registering online, Jouer avec le Fantasme will ask you to enter your name, email address and if you agree, other information.

How will the information I provide be used by Réalisations TrémaR?

This information will be used to contact your concerning JALF.

Please be assured that Réalisations TrémaR inc. will not give or sell your confidential information with your express consent. You will have the choice to request that the administration of Réalisations TrémaR inc. stop using your personal information by email for admin@jalf.com

Links to other sites

On JALF you will find external links to other companies. When you click on these links, you will leave JALF. Réalisations TrémaR inc. has no control over the content and means of these external Web sites, even if you were directed there from our site. If you divulge personal information on these sites, you are subject to the policy regarding privacy protection of the respective sites. We recommend that you learn more about the privacy protection policies of each site before you submit any personal information.

Our conditions and rules are subject to change without notice.

Our rates and packages are also subject to change without notice.

By submitting your data, you certify having read and conformed to the conditions mentioned above and of course certify at the same time that your are at least 18 years of age.